Procrastination in the Form of Writing

With less than 48 hours to go before I return to work, I am wondering just what I accomplished these past two weeks. I feel like I haven’t properly addressed my resentment towards my colleagues, but I do know that setting and sticking to my boundaries will be a good start. I have been looking into affirmations I can start my day with to help centre my focus, but if anyone can recommend some I would be grateful. Does saying affirmations really work or is it the matter of being consistent that gives the illusion of them working?

I think a lot of my anxiety is connected to the fact that I went over my planner and realized, that by taking my vacation I have put myself in a bit of a financial pickle. I have already started to look at what can be cancelled or downgraded, and today I plan to figure out a bare-bones budget just in case. I also need to work on calculating one month’s worth of expenses and then figuring out how I can save for it, while slowly paying off my various debts.

I wouldn’t say this vacation was a total waste. I cleaned and did some work in the garden. I even worked my way up to exercising three days a week. Although the real test will be maintaining that when I’m back in the trenches.

I’ve got my yearly checkup tomorrow. Fingers crossed the doctor doesn’t give me any bad news. I weighed in this morning and no surprise I put on a few pounds while home, but nowhere near my weight at my last check-up so that’s a personal victory for me. I just have to pick out an outfit. I hate dressing for the doctor. It has to be a balance between comfort and not homeless, but easy to disrobe. Does anyone else have this problem? Okay time to get to work.

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