Reading Update: Kindle and Audible

My reading goal for 2022 is twenty books and I’m happy to report I have completed eight books so far. The last couple of weeks has also seen me trying to break my daily streak record. However, I’m still unsure if I will ever break my weekly streak record, but, I will keep trying.

I am currently on Day 18, so fingers crossed! My days read per month have also improved greatly. I had no idea just how much I had slowed down, still, even if it’s just 10 mins a day I will keep chugging along.

Lastly, I unwittingly am participating in the spring challenge on Kindle. It will be interesting to see just how many achievements I unlock before the summer challenge starts.

With my workload finally showing signs of levelling out, I have decided to start using my Audible account, and while I haven’t reactivated my membership, I am taking this time to fish some of the titles I own but never got around to starting, and even revisiting some of my old favourites. I even managed to pick up a few new badges along the way.

All in all my first quarter has been pretty productive. Slow and steady, all the way.

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