Dear Diary: Introvert in Social Distress

People have the unfortunate habit of mistaking my introversion for my thinking I’m better than everyone else. Much like tonight. The idea that some can prefer solitude over a loud bar is foreign to them but not to me. Often after a long day at work, I need my alone time to recharge. Honestly, if I must socialize, I would prefer a quieter setting. And preferably people I actually enjoy being around.

Today is my closest workmate’s fiftieth birthday, and I made the effort for her, but I am ready to go home. The only delay is waiting for my sister who was supposed to meet us here, but she’s taking forever, and meanwhile I am forces to continuously refuse drinks and endure stares at my obvious discomfort.

So what is a girl to do? Go hide in her car for a few minutes and vent my feelings out in text. Just taking a quick breather away from the noise and just calm myself down. My feelings will pass if I just allow myself space to feel them, acknowledge them and then continue with what is sure to be a long night.

2 responses to “Dear Diary: Introvert in Social Distress”

    • Yes. Normally, I just show up, say Hi to management, and people of importance then vanish like a ghost.
      At least they can’t say they didn’t see me, but I really like this coworker, and I was waiting for my sister so I got stuck longer than I hoped.

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