My Favourite Budget Channels on Youtube

In an effort finance to get my finances under control, I decided to challenge myself to find and watch YouTube budget channels that are not only realistic but of which I am part of their target audience. What do I mean by this? I am low-income and in debt and desire to learn from people who are either in or were in a similar situation and can offer simple easily follow solutions. The major lesson I have learned so far is that I tried to do too much and followed unrealistic advice in the hopes that if it worked for them it would work for me. But the fact is, while the advice can help someone, it just wasn’t helpful or unrealistic for me, and so I decided to start over and simplify my methods.

The Organized Money

Alaina is the force behind The Organized Money, with her main goal being to help women achieve financial freedom through the use of a paper planner and budget. Her planner videos have not only inspired me but have given me simple ways to get more organized with my budget and day-to-day life. I have even started to slowly incorporate her tips and trick into my workdays to help take some of the stress out of filling my duties.

The Crafty Budgeter

Brittany and her husband are working towards clearing off a six-figure debt by 2025 and after making huge strides in 2020, she decided to start documenting her journey as a way to keep herself accountable and also to show others that being debt-free is possible and attainable with a bit of faith discipline, sacrifice, and hard work. I find her to be so bubbly and upbeat and filled with positive energy.

Taylor Budgets

Taylor is a single mom, who works part-time and is a grad student, who is working towards paying off over a $100,000 debt and ending her paycheck to paycheck cycle. She is very sweet and very honest about her journey while showing being in debt is truly possible.

The Broken Wallet

Vee has been writing about personal finance since 2005 and gives people real-world advice on how to better manage their finances. More than once she has posted about a topic I was discussing with my accountability partner and we both agree she is a well of knowledge.

The Financial Diet

I am still a little on the fence about this channel, but I can’t stay away. It has a no-nonsense frank way of approaching finances, especially for millennials.

Monet’s Money

Monet shows a simple way to follow the cash envelope system to help better manage your debt and for budgeting. It has been amazing to see her growth and her journey is just inspiring.

Be sure to check these channels out and even if they are not your cup of tea, keep looking and searching for your path, and work towards your goals. Slow and steady.

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