Dear Diary: Well It’s Happening

The customer has arrived, but first a quick back story. Sunday night I dreamt the customer was here and we talked. I tried not to be superstitious about it, after all the last time while I dreamt he was coming, he didn’t. So imagine my surprise on Monday when I saw the text. He’s here and he wants to meet. I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t seek counsel, I agreed. And so I’m meeting with him today.

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After making arrangements, I first texted my best friend to let him know what the plan was and asked if he thought I should tell my significant other. He said no, that he doubts Sir tells me every move he makes, which to be fair is true. Still, I wanted to be honest and upfront with him so I decided to let him know of my plans, and surprisingly he was pretty blasé about it. Sometimes I don’t feel like I know this man, still what’s done is done.

I don’t want to push off this conversation. It needs to be had, and I need to see him face to face and set boundaries, and hopefully, I can keep his friendship. Should that not be on the cards for us and I have to walk away, at least there will be no more wondering. No more what-ifs. Slow and steady and forward I go.

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