Dear Diary: Woman Makes Plans. God Laughs

Today did not go as planned. It was simple really. Have a late breakfast, do a quick grocery run, and head into work to catch up on some paperwork and possibly do some personal admin at my desk. After all, less office staff means a quieter office and a chance to work in peace. TeeHee silly rabbit!

Ringing phones, customer emergencies, staff having to leave due to family emergencies. My to-do list became a to-don’t. Everything was so harried I didn’t even have the energy to make the notes necessary to help the brain fog, I know will be present tomorrow. Still, I’m not mad. Had I not decided to go in on my off day, it would have been worse for those who were on duty. At least I was there to lend a hand. Of course, the question remains, who will give me a hand with my duties tomorrow?

For the next few weeks, I am still very much a department of one, but I shan’t complain. Much. It could be worse. Tomorrow shall deal with itself, tonight a couple of tablets of melatonin and a few episodes of Elementary will be enough for me. Slow and steady.

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