Dear Diary: Comparison Vs Relationships

Relationships are not easy, and yet we are told with the right person it will be, so how do you know you’ve met the one?

My significant other and I have been in each other’s lives for over a decade. Things didn’t get serious with us until a few years ago, but lately, I have been having some doubts. Mostly because I’m seeing everyone around me get married and/or have kids. And I felt stuck. Naturally, I talked about it with my therapist and she reminded me not to compare my timeline with others.

She has a point, after all, when my mother died I went into full survival mode. Meaning, I did not have a roaring twenties or even a grown thirties. Every step taken from then until now has just been me trying to survive. Having just begun the process of stepping out of that mode, I can’t expect to compare my timeline to theirs. It’s like the quote says “comparison is a thief of joy”.

All I can do is trust the process and take each step of my journey slow and steady.

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