Peaceful Mornings

Spring is almost here. Already the sun is shifting or rather the earth is tilting the northern hemisphere back towards the sun. Every morning the sun rises just a few minutes earlier. I lay in bed and watch the light shifting across my curtains chasing away the grey. I will miss it. Waking up to a cold, grey sky. Being wrapped up under by thick blanket all cozy and safe.

Those few moments before sunrise are the best. The world is quiet and peaceful. My mind is clear. I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything. I can just be. This isn’t to say it can’t always be that way. I could simply set my alarm earlier, but I won’t. Every precious moment of sleep I have is important. I get so little of it sometimes.

Still, these are the laws of nature. Ever-changing seasons. Each day a chance at something new and wonderful. Slow and steady.

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