Five Random Facts About Me

After perusing Pinterest for blog ideas, I noticed a few pins all suggested writing a list of random things about oneself. It took me two days to come up with five. So here are five random facts about Dorianne.

1. I prefer plain corn flakes with a light dusting of sugar and no milk.

2. For me drinking an Americano at 11 pm and falling asleep by midnight is child’s play.

3. I would rather watch reruns of my favourite shows, than watch a new tv series or movie.

4. Others can sometimes have difficulty understanding me when I speak because I speak a mix of English, Bajan, bad English, British slang, American slang, and the occasional random French, German, or Spanish words.

5. To piggyback off 4, I also pick up accents easily. I have to police myself when talking to customers, otherwise, my mouth becomes a parrot’s beak.

That’s it. That’s the list.

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