The More Things Change, The More it Stays the Same

Originally posted 8th November 2019

Why Do I Feel This Way?

Today was hard and I don’t know why. My anxiety was on level 10, my tears were barely held at bay half the time, and I just felt paranoid and withdrawn. And it happened while at work in an office full of people.

People think I am joking when I say my earphones save lives, but they do, because, I had to block all the office noise out today just to be able to focus on my work. I even took my full lunch break just so I could reset a little.

I do not know what is going to happen when I am transferred to this branch for a full month. I guess I’ll just have to start stockpiling podcasts, audiobooks and creating music playlists because I just can’t handle it right now. (Note from future me; thanks to the pandemic my temporary transfer, became permanent)

I’m probably freaking myself out over nothing. A beach day is definitely needed.

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