How Did 2022 Start?

In a word, rough. Old Year’s Night was magical. With curfew being delayed until 2 am, many took the opportunity to have some fun, party, and go to the best viewpoints to watch the fireworks. My beau and I, being ever the anti-social ones, instead chose each other’s company. We drove from the south to the north of the island, then over to the east to watch the stars, then back to the center in time to view the fireworks high on a hill away from the crowds. Magical.

But dawn brought me crashing down to reality. I got a call, my sister was in the hospital, it looked like another stroke. And after 24 hours it was determined to be a very minor one, but my heart is still in my throat days later.

I have been so caught up in work, bills, getting my life on track, that I forgot to value those in and around my life. Yes, I can be self-centered but I also have to remember to cherish those little moments with the ones I love. From magical nights with him to just chilling in the living room watching a movie with her. And even though I complain, even grocery shopping wouldn’t be the same without my sister moving at a snail’s pace looking at every little thing.

I’m still undecided about a lot. I don’t think I took time to fully process this past week, but I do know I have to try to be present. What else will this year have in store for me?

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