Where have I been?

Basically, I have been feeling uninspired and overwhelmed. With the loosening of restrictions on the island and other countries, tourism has gotten a welcome boost. This means longer days and longer hours for myself and others, along with much-needed employment for locals.

So I decided to reduce my time on social media and take a break from my blog until I could bring some semblance of order to my day-to-day life. Sleep is precious, yet fleeting, and my workout schedule has suffered as well. I did my first workout in two weeks today.

However, I am grateful for the extra hours. Ideally, I hope it will help to bring some balance to my finances, realistically this has been easier said than done. Thankfully, I am spotting my mistakes sooner and putting the knowledge to good use. I have an idea of how I would like my budget to be for the coming year and also gained some new ideas.

I have no idea when next I will be posting. One benefit of not complaining about Christmas on my blog is that I am enjoying the holiday season more than usual. I guess the big break in my melancholy came when I realized that the one person I was hurting with my erratic behaviour, is myself. I never really stopped to think about how it affected my sister, and yet she still pushes forward with the spirit. Having her children helps to keep it alive for her, and even though I have no kids of my own, I do have happy memories with my mother. I can remember the joy she felt, and I accept, that even though the memories will bring tears, joy comes with them as well.

Make no mistake, I am still the Grinch before his heart grew three sizes. 😊

Happy holidays to all, and to all, slow and steady.

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