Photo Op: The Mexican Creeper Flowers

Photo Op: The Mexican Creeper Flowers

When I was seven, my teacher sent me home with a list of extracurricular activities I would be eligible to join at school. I was a shy child, practically no friends, but so bright and polite my teachers loved me and hoped that maybe being part of a group activity would help to bring me out of my shell. After reviewing the list, my mother and I decided that joining the Brownie Troupe would be a good fit.

I can still remember my enrollment ceremony and one important part was the circle of Mexican Vine that was used. Mainly because I helped to pick and arrange the flowers. I never thought that something that was viewed as a nuisance to some gardeners would look so beautiful when arranged.

Years later as an adult I saw it growing on the walls at the work and quickly snapped a photo before the groundskeeper pulled it down. My only wish was that I had a better camera to truly show the beauty of the flowers. So small and pink and delicate. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to have a little nook, and I can have a spot in the garden dedicated to this sweet memory.

Mexican Creeper

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