My Financial Journey : DIY Budget Planners/Trackers

My Financial Journey : DIY Budget Planners/Trackers

Disclaimer: The YouTube videos linked below are not my own. The credit belongs to the individual creators.

Budget planners and trackers are expensive, and as much as I would love to buy one, I have made do with a notebook for the past month. Since I’m still in home isolation, I decided to delve into the world of DIY planners. My first idea was to purchase downloadable printables from Etsy, but instead, I did a bit more looking around and on impulse searched YouTube for how to convert a notebook into a planner. Jackpot! These three videos that I have shared below,  have been the most helpful ones I have found so far and provided another way to fill my days until I return to work. Let me know if you found them helpful and inspirational for your journey or maybe someone you know who needs the extra boost. Enjoy!

Credit: Planning With Mery
Credit: Oh My Goals!
Credit: Lakia Maria

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