October is Over; Finally!

October is Over; Finally!

What a month!

I want to say October sucked a$$, and it did in some ways, but it was also a month of learning and growth. I continued to be consistent with my workouts with times ranging from ten minutes to almost thirty minutes. My body grew a little stronger, my moods stabilized a bit more, and I even managed to lose another kilogram and almost an inch of total body fat.

However, financially I wavered greatly. From old debts popping up to minimal progress made with new ones, I felt myself slowly spiraling. For a while, I even started delving back into the rabbit hole of searching for get-rich-quick schemes and briefly considering selling feet pics. Yes, it was that bad. Eventually, I reached out to my accountability partner who managed to talk some sense back into me and I’m back on the wagon and gaining the courage to approach everything logically.

So, I am currently looking for a good budget planner, but I’m making do with jotting down stuff in one of my numerous notebooks. The hardest part is facing my problem and accepting that I can’t hide from it forever. Plus I’m finally taking my therapist’s advice on how to handle some of the issues.

Unfortunately, I can’t share that update with her just yet, because the latter part of the month, well let’s just say a monkey threw a big ol’ wrench in everything. My sister contracted COVID and subsequently, so did I. So we have both been home from work for a few weeks while self-isolating. Albeit in separate residences. She had to be admitted to a medical facility for a week and now is resting at her boyfriend’s while I hold down the fort at home with only my thoughts and dog for company.

All in all my solitude hasn’t been too bad. I get the sense God did this because he knows I have been feeling overwhelmed the past few months. Between work, classes, learning how to navigate having a blog, spending time with my significant other, managing finances and just everything has been a lot. I don’t want to seem ungrateful for all the opportunities I have received and I know things could be way worse, but I still felt overwhelmed. Being home this past week has given me a chance to first rest, and now tackle one task a day until I have a clear plan of action.

Slow and steady is my mantra for exercise, but it has become increasingly clear that applying it to every aspect of my life can work too. Trying to rush and be everything to everyone has not been working. I forgot to be someone for me, so as usual, God is slowing me down, and trying to teach my hard-headed self this lesson again. Fingers crossed I listen this time. Slow and steady.

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