Dear Diary: The Superstition Inducing Dreams Are Back Again🤦🏾‍♀️

My dreams can be vivid at times, others a jumbled mess, and some put my superstitious bum on red alert. The one I had last night had my warning bells going off like crazy.

It started off silly as usual, my significant other, my mum, my sister, an alien invasion… Normal dreams. However, it took a turn when I dreamt about an old customer. We lost contact just before the pandemic, mostly due to a falling out because we made the mistake of mixing business with personal. I dreamt he returned to the island, we got married and had a daughter.

Trust me when I say I would never marry this man, however, the part that stuck with me was he was coming back. I awoke with the thought that I should talk to my best friend and then reach out to him. Instead, I just reached out to him and explained that I dreamt he was coming back, and while I understand he no longer wanted to speak with me, I wished him well. Imagine my surprise when he responded and asked me to give him a call when I could and that yes he was in the process of planning a trip here next month.

My dream was right. The reason I am superstitious when it comes to my dreams is deeply rooted in things I learned from my mother. While she didn’t share all of her knowledge or secrets with me, the fraction I learned has stuck and served me well over the years. I know which dreams to ignore and which to listen to, even if I don’t always obey. Most think it odd and just write me off as being weird so I don’t share it often, but my best friend and significant other both understand while not understanding and allow me to use them as sounding boards. I just haven’t shared this one with them as yet.

Why? He asked to see me while he’s here, and I don’t know if I can say no. I know I should, I know it’s a bad idea. That’s if he even comes. It wouldn’t be the first time he said one thing and did the complete opposite. Either way, I hope my dreams tonight are the boring, garden variety tonight. I can’t handle any more surprises.

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