10/20/30 Challenge by Tiffany Rothe: Week Two Review

10/20/30 Challenge by Tiffany Rothe: Week Two Review

If I’m being honest, this past week had a lazy start. Not one workout was done at the beginning. I felt mentally drained and had no motivation to get up and get started. How wonderful is that? Yet oddly enough I felt a slight difference in my body composition. Still, I was not able to get up and do anything on Sunday, nor Monday.

Tuesday, I had to force myself to get up at the crack of dawn and at least try. I cleared what little space I could in my bedroom, got started, and guess what? I did days five and six. Twenty-five minutes in total and I felt good afterward. However, Wednesday brought a different story.

I was thoroughly enjoying Tiffany’s program, but my newest financial troubles meant I couldn’t pay for it. So I had to make the tough decision to cancel the trial subscription. For now at least until I have my money back under control and then I definitely will subscribe to her program. After a week and a half, I felt different. Or maybe it was the total effort of the past six weeks I don’t know. So for day three, I went to her YouTube Channel and selected a total body workout, and got to work, sweated, and pushed my way through it.

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For the rest of the month, I will be using workouts from her YouTube channel. I have not done my measurements as yet nor have I stepped on the scale, but I have to cinch my belt a little tighter in the mornings, and I’m not as out of breath when climbing the stairs at work. And the biggest difference; when I worked my little garden this morning I could bend and crouch and tug at weeds with greater ease than a few months ago. I was done in two hours instead of three. Slow and steady is working.

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