Tiffany Rothe Fitness 10/20/30 : Week One

Let me just start this off by saying, I am not trying to complain, I am complaining. Did I half-ass my way through September? Because four days into 10/20/30 left me sore in places I forgot existed. The first day was nice I won’t lie, but then on day two, she hit me with an arm day, followed by an abs and biceps day.

My arms and shoulders and upper stomach were all sore. Do I still have a couple of abs hidden under my cushion screaming at me like, yes set us free? The only part that surprised me was I survived the squats. Or at least I thought  I did. And in case you’re wondering how could there have been squats with no mention of a leg day, between each set of bicep curls I have to do ten squats. By the end of my work day, I felt a soreness in my thighs, that made me rush home just so I could dig out some massage oil and try to loosen them up a bit.

Day five tested my limits. For some reason four minutes into the workout the site stopped loading. I tried everything I could think of but no dice, so instead of giving up I looked for one of her videos on YouTube and did that instead. In total, I did 18 minutes.  I’m starting to feel a tad stiff so I’ll have a schedule in a little yoga soon.

After the first five days, I opted to rest. That plus, it’s a full house again so not much space or privacy to exercise in peace. I’ll have to figure something out, that hopefully doesn’t involve borrowing his home gym space. The last thing I need is him nagging me; he means well, but I honestly don’t want him involved in this experiment. I want to figure this out and find a sustainable routine that works best for me. Slow and steady.

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