Delusions of Grandeur; A Fool and Her Money are Soon Parted

The hardest lesson in life, can sometimes come at the hands of the ones you love the most in life. I won’t deny the past two years have been hard for everyone, not just myself, but I absolutely hate that just when I think I’m finally getting everything figured out, I get a big wack upside my head and pushed flat on my a$$.

This can make it hard not to play the comparison game. It seems like everyone around me has their lives under control and I’m still left floundering on the shore. I can’t stay stuck here, with this overwhelming sense of defeat. Something must change.

After a long day of work, I came home to to find a letter waiting for me, a letter from a debt collector. Another debt to be paid. I thought I had reached the point where I would not freak out, but a close family was supposed to have paid it off a year ago. She said she did, and I believed her, because there was no way I would have stuck my neck out for her and she would have screwed me over. So what could I do but call the debt collector and enquire what is was about. She never made a payment. In fact the only receipts they have are the ones for payments I made. I can’t even bring myself to get angry at her. My gut told me to do it myself ages ago, but no, I gave her a chance. So all I am left now with, is a sense of disappointment. I won’t even bother to confront her. I can’t sit there and swallow her lies. I knew better, and I still gave her a chance. No more. I will go through my budget, find more ways to cut back and get myself out of this mess. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice? Eff this and eff you.

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