October Week One: I joined Tiffany Rothe’s Fitness Club

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

In the spirit of experimentation, I have decided to switch things up a bit this month. For a while, I have been getting emails from Tiffany Rothe Fitness Club about her 10/20/30 program. Admittedly it’s what inspired my September experiment. However, on October 1st, the email said it was the last chance to get a free two-week trial, and after hemming and hawing all day, I decided to sign up. So for the next two weeks, I will be trying the program. The first 30 days are all 10-minute sessions, but for the first two weeks, I will be trying it out.

It just occurred to me I should probably do measurements and weigh in to to track my progress.

I did my first workout on Sunday. It was fun, quick, and easy-ish. I could not keep pace with her. Rather than beat myself up, I just did the movements at my own pace, along with a few modifications.

I did however notice a running pattern with my internal thoughts. I am still mad at my partner, and myself. He still doesn’t take my efforts seriously, and I get it, I have said the same things over and over in the past. I think for now I will just stop mentioning anything to him and just focus on my progress. I cannot make this be me seeking validation from him. I need to validate myself for myself. Slow and steady.

Credit: The Kind Mindful Club via Instagram

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