Getting Healthy? Month One Of Creating A Workout Routine

September to remember. The month began with my usual anxiety over hurricane season but turned into an internal hurricane of emotions and motivation. Getting over my anxiety and self-consciousness about exercise has been an ongoing battle for quite some time, and now I am trying yet again to face it.

Recapping everything I have done, I challenged myself to do three workouts a week, starting with ten-minute sessions, and to slowly work my way up to thirty-minute sessions over time. I learned that fifteen minutes is my sweet spot, although depending on the type of exercise, I could go longer.

My major takeaways this month, my body is weak and not as healthy as it appears to be on paper. I struggled with climbing stairs, walking long distances, various aches and pains, and poor posture. Even more evident is the fact that I have been happily ignoring this for quite some time. I hate to admit it, but he’s right. I have not been taking my health seriously at all. Stubbornly refusing to take even ten minutes to work on me has just been another form of self-sabotage, and why? I felt embarrassed to be seen even trying. The fact is people will judge whether or not I do it, so why not just do what’s best for me and to hell with them. Repairing over a decade worth of poor choices is going to take a long time.

Another thing I have noticed, is I tend to clock watch. Instead of being in the moment while exercising, I glance at the timer wanting to know how much longer do I have to do this? Is it boredom or is it laziness or is it me trying to find excuses to quit because it’s tough? I know I can’t continue this way. I have to keep going and experimenting and finding what works for me and what will make this fun for me and less of a chore. The answer is out there and I cannot allow myself to quit again. My quality of life is counting on me.

What are my nonscale victories? Climbing stairs is easier now. I can handle walking around more easily. I want to say I feel a slight improvement in my posture, but I’m not sure as yet. My work uniform feels a tad looser and as for my moods, some days are better than others.

My one-scale victory is I lost 1kg. I will not panic or fret over this. The key right now is to create something sustainable. Slow and steady wins the race.

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