Week Four: Hit the Floor

Disclaimer: The videos linked are not my own. All the credit belongs to the YouTube Channel, Yoga with Adriene.

How It Began

Over the weekend I noticed how increasingly stiff my body felt. It could be PMS just messing with me, or it could be that my body is trying to adjust to the changes I have been attempting this past month. It could even be the fact that I didn’t rest much. Either way, I decided to start my Monday with a short yoga practice.

Keeping in line with not going past fifteen minutes, and also the fact that the majority of my stiffness has been in my lower body, I opted to go with hips and core. I know that some people still think of yoga as not a real form of exercise, but believe me, it is. And it can range from low impact, to drenched in sweat and wondering why am I punishing myself? In this case, because I have not seriously practiced in years and I am carrying way more weight than I used to, I experienced sweating, poor balance, and I already know my body strength is poor, so holding and transitioning into positions proved a challenge. Still, it was just twelve minutes and the hope was I would feel some relief as the week went on.

The Middle

Day two yielded slightly smoother transitions and less sweat. However, it still reminded me, my strength and flexibility need work. Time and work. My next choice was the sunrise routine. Sort of a quick calm way to start the day.

The End

This did not go as planned, but in the end, it was needed. I woke up intending to get my third workout done so I could relax for the rest of the week. I did my usual scroll through the list and chose a session for anxiety. Sounded right up my alley.

Only thing is, right after it ended I still felt incomplete, so I looked for another quick video to round things out.


Again I don’t know if it’s my anxiety, PMS, or me being an impatient person, but I am beginning to have a kernel of an idea, not sure if that’s the right word or phrasing, about my hesitancy to exercise. I will take more time to observe and analyze this, however, I would say this past week has been another minor success for me. Taking the time to slow down and stretch has helped me not only gain some clarity but has opened up my mind to some things long buried. Slow and steady.


  1. Ha ha. Keep up the good work! I’m just laughing because when I started searching guided meditations on Youtube “yoga with Adriene came up” and I thought it was strange. Then I thought 8 million views a month or how many, that’s a lot, I forgot. But I watched a little and starting thinking I bet a large amount of those views are from guys who have no interest in yoga. You must be in pretty good shape to keep up with that.


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