So Just How Did Weeks Two and Three Go?

Disclaimer: The videos linked are not my own. The credit goes to the YouTube Channel, Reps to the Rhythm.

Conclusion: Week Two

Well, in the end, I opted to do another fifteen-minute walking workout to end off week two. Why, because I ain’t no punk b*tch. Just a lazy one. TeeHee. All in all, it wasn’t too bad. I was still breathing heavily close to the end, but I pushed through it and I felt proud of myself.

Week Three: Sucker for Pain

So for week three, I was at a bit of an odds. After being lazy on Sunday and Monday, I woke up on Tuesday with the reminder that I already lost two days and still had to fit in three workouts for this week. Since I had the house all to myself for a change I decided to challenge myself to do a workout with weights. Do not get excited. I own one pair of 1kg weights (approx 2.2lbs) and because I haven’t weight trained in forever they busted my a$$. To get a sense of what I did I have inserted a video I followed along with.

My right shoulder felt a little heavy afterward, however, it went away as the day progressed and I felt fine the day after as well.

On day two, I was very undecided. I didn’t have any lingering soreness from day one, but I also didn’t want to push too hard since fifteen minutes seems to be my cap before total exhaustion. So after much scrolling, I decided to attempt a lower body workout, that required no equipment.

This left me dripping in sweat and I had to pause a few times to catch my breath, and ponder how did I get so weak? But I made it to the end, barely, and even with the cooldown, I suspected I would have some lingering soreness after this one. Surprisingly walking wasn’t too bad, and my knees weren’t screaming bloody murder. I did have a little tightness in my lower back, but that is to be expected for me given my accident-prone youth. Note to self, try to incorporate yoga.

For day three I opted to go with a low impact walking workout and some light stretches. Nothing spectacular.

However, my hamstrings did feel a little tight while going up and down the stairs at work.

All in all, while slow, progress has been made. The scale has moved down 1kg since I started and already my pants feel a little looser. My energy levels feel slightly improved, and I’m still working on getting my eating habits under control. My biggest takeaway these three weeks has been something I knew all along but never really acknowledged. It took years for me to gain this weight. I won’t lose it overnight. Slow and steady wins the race.

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