The Day After: I’m So Sore 😭

Yesterday, was without a doubt, a bit of a struggle. Watching videos of people who tried jump roping for weight loss, or doing the seven and fourteen-day challenges, I figured I would be sore but not as sore as they were since I would only be doing it for ten minutes. Ha!

I woke up to sore, stiff calves, the balls of my feet hurt, and my right knee had decided to join the party. I played myself. And of course, I would have to be constantly up and down the stairs at the office. Was this my punishment for thinking I have to prove him wrong?

Now, admittedly I felt a little less motivated to carry on with this, so what if I’m carrying a few extra pounds? However, nothing changes if nothing changes. Yes, I will be sore after a workout sometimes, I’ll have to get used to it, and brush up on my self-massage skills and yoga to help with aftercare. I’m attempting to rebuild my body after almost two decades of semi-hedonistic behaviour.

I guess I’m in a state of disbelief because I didn’t expect lead feet after a ten-minute workout. But I have to stick it out, for the next four weeks. I no longer want to just prove him and others wrong, I need to prove to myself that I can create the healthy lifestyle that will best suit my needs. I want to be able to enjoy my golden years comfortably with a healthy mind and body.

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