She Tried to Jump Rope

Woke up in a good mood. Feeling confident and admittedly spurred on by my partner’s friends. I went to visit him last night and found him and his buddies training in his home gym. One of them asked if I came to join the session, and while I scoffed, he said “no, for her exercise is a dirty word”. It hurt. Partially because it’s the truth and the other part because it showed me that he still doesn’t believe I will ever take being healthier seriously.

So now this morning I feel renewed. Not just because I want to prove to him that I can do this, but I also want to prove it to myself. In previous posts, I talked about how doing the 67 Try Your Best B*tch Challenge taught me that, some things I have to do at the pace that is the most fun and comfortable for me. The fact is I cannot carry on like this for much longer and I cannot realistically expect anyone to put me first if I constantly show that I rarely if ever, put myself first. So cheers to new beginnings.

So, I figured I would just aim for 100 jumps this morning and quickly learned that I have little to no coordination, and kept getting hit by the rope. So rather than try to knock off 100 quickly, I aimed for 10 minutes of movement. If I can exercise for 10 minutes at least 3 days out of the week, it will be a good starting point and I can build from there. Anyway, after taking 5 long minutes to get to 100, I abandoned to rope and instead decided to jump sans rope.

Eventually, I finished on 279 jumps, huffing and puffing all the way. My ankles are currently reminding me that I have old ligament injuries that would rather not be forced to do this daily and surprisingly my knees are playing nice. My right hip is a little sore but good. I feel accomplished and hungry. So on this note, I am going to start my day. I hope that I can turn this into a habit, and eventually a lifestyle. Whether it be jumping rope, walking, or some light aerobics, I just need to get moving. My body and my sanity are counting on me to keep fighting and quite frankly, my competitive a** just wants to prove him wrong.

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