September to Remember

I have been playing around with ideas for blog posts this month and I have been drawing a few blanks. However, one topic that has been popping up a lot in my mind is the hurricane season.

Elsa was the first time in almost 60 years Barbados suffered a direct hit from a hurricane. The last being the infamous Hurricane Janet. Now with September beginning, I find my yearly hurricane anxiety setting up shop. Why? Because September marks peak storm activity for the season. In fact it started in late August with most notably Hurricane Ida.

Screenshot taken from the National Hurricane Center’s website

There are currently 4 active systems in the Atlantic/Caribbean region. The one I’m watching is Larry. Fresh off the African coast and headed west at 20mph. The trajectory will be of importance over the next few days so I will be glued to the website and the weather channel.

Now the reason I am most anxious in this month is not just experienced, it is mostly related to the climate changes we experience in our neck of the woods. In primary school, we are taught that we have two seasons, the dry season which runs from December to May and then the wet season which runs from June to November, but any good islander knows there is a third. The heat season. This typically runs from August to October. It coincides with peak hurricane activity because this is when the climate is most conducive to storm development.

So not only will it be hot as fudge outside, but the threat of hurricanes becomes very real. So what else can I do but try to stay calm, prepared, and pray for the best?

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