Boundaries Part Two

People often talk about the benefits of setting boundaries for yourself when it comes to others, but how often do people start to think about how people react to the boundaries they have set.

I ask this because I am noticing that when I set my boundaries people get frustrated, yet said people get angry and frustrated when I react to or attempt to respect the boundaries they have repeatedly set with me. And it’s annoying because then it makes me feel guilty for following the guidelines that they have set up.

This is due in part to the people failing to understand or respect the fact that I may not speak about my personal life or the fact that I do have one. Sometimes I just want time and space to do what I have to do, whether it will be doing nothing at all or me doing something. I just asked that you f****** respect it.


  1. Boundaries are tough sometimes. I try to set boundaries but i think I’m too loose with them. Like my bubble is too loose i also have been trying to set boundaries with myself like not spending as much etc and i struggle with that too. In general i don’t have a lot of friends so boundaries there aren’t hard but still. I do my best to respect others though

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    • I guess like all things, setting and maintaining boundaries will take practice. Yes, some days will be struggle, but if it will benefit us in the long run, then it’s worth it a try 😊 Nothing worthwhile is ever easy right?


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