Scardey Cat

Last Friday, a coworker was fired. Without going into detail, she was dismissed because of a conflict of interest created by her side hustle. I have spent all weekend wondering if I should mention my blog to my superiors, but my blog in no way is related to my work, so I should be okay.

What is the problem you ask? I have another idea. It’s rooted in the classes I have been taking on social media marketing. I had decided to use my background in tourism to create a fake business as part of my class assignment, but the more I work on it in class, the more I think this is something I could turn into a real business. And so I find myself wondering if I should mention it or not. I enjoy my work, as much as I don’t enjoy being around certain co-workers, but I would love to do this idea on the side and I know I can make it work, without it affecting my actual job, but the question remains, would it be considered a conflict of interest? I guess the only way I will know for sure is if I talk to my boss.

I think I would rather wait until I complete the course. Maybe my feelings will change and all the excitement with have faded away. Or maybe I am letting the fear of failing, tell me to give up before I have even started. Time will tell I guess.

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