Shop My Stash Update

After a long, cranky week, I finally decided to go through my lipstick collection yet again and clear house.

I tossed the majority of my liquid lipsticks. Why? I learned from a bit of trial and error that I just don’t like them. Maybe I haven’t found the right formula, but for now, I know it’s just not for me. I have, however, kept two.

Left LA COLORS in the shade Enticing and on the right is NK in the shade Red Berry

The two I have opted to keep are comfortable, not drying and play well with others.

Now for the lip products I currently have in rotation

Starting at the top of the photo is NK lip shine in the shade Chocolate. Almost empty and I have plans of buying a new one. It tastes and smells like chocolate and leaves my lips moisturised.

Next from the left is BH cosmetics So Extra lip gloss in the shade is Rowdy. Doesn’t last through eating, however, it is moisturizing and makes a great topper with brown lip liner or any of my other deeper colours as well as the next two lippies.

I am still working my way through the Jordana twist and shine, in the shade Fresh Fig. I often pair this with Rowdy. It creates a nice effect and reduces transfer onto my masks. I also have a similar result with the Palladio Sheer Color Balm in the shade Tart. It is sheer as the name suggests, however, the light tint of orange helps to neutralise my naturally dark lips and with Rowdy creates an interesting nude effect.

I am almost halfway through the unknown dollar store glitter gloss. No matter how I layer this gloss it is taking its sweet time to hit empty. Again I regret not purchasing more of these glosses.

Lastly is the LA COLORS High Shine Shea Butter Gloss in Snuggle. I have only just started using this one in the past couple of weeks. This is a high shine night on the town gloss, but with a few well-placed dots and some blending, I make it work for the daytime.

So all in all, some progress has been made. I would love to buy some new lippies but, I will continue to resist the urge for now. I make no promises.

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