I Need Rest

This draft has been sitting in my “Work in Progress” folder since April.

Sometimes taking a break forces me to realize just how tired I am. I have been going and going and going since February. Doing the headless chicken dance. Between my blog, work, and helping my s.o. I had become increasingly distracted and tired, all because I wanted to be everything to everyone.

A lot of change has happened all at once and in trying to keep up I instead added to the chaos.

With my s. o. I have been trying to prove my worth and be as supportive as possible. With my work, I have been trying to adapt to new rules and changes. With my blog, in trying to be more consistent I instead became increasingly overwhelmed with all the new information.

And so I find myself at a crossroads. I mucked up everything and I don’t know where or what to focus on anymore. So now that I have a week off from work I am trying to rest from everything else as well and give myself time and space to figure everything out.

Little to no blogging, ignoring calls and emails from work when possible, and spending actual quality time with him. Which is not easy. His work has been super crazy and I have been trying to help however I can to help make it less stressful for him. I guess I can only hope that I can find a more structured routine.

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