And So It Begins: Tropical Storm Elsa

And So It Begins: Tropical Storm Elsa

I don’t know what awakened me first. The slight increase in wind, the creaking of the fence, the sudden drop in temperature causing me to switch off my fan, but I am awake. It is 4 am, just a short hour and some from day break, and Elsa is at our doorstep.

Can you see us? That tiny speck about to be swallowed whole?

Maybe I’m being overly dramatic, however with the Prime Minister’s constant urges that we treat this as a real threat, and me already being an anxious person, I can’t help feeling even more heightened at this event.

Tropical storms and hurricanes are a norm from June to November for the Caribbean, with the last few years being especially active. The year 2020 was truly a record-breaker in its own right, but tonight? Tonight we face our first real battle for the season. Elsa. Why do I keep wanting to sing “Let It Go”? Lol

Barbados is considered luckier than most, in that any hits are usually in the earlier developmental stages of a storm, but whether storm or hurricane, for us this small island nation every hit is dangerous. We are the most easterly island in the chain so first come, first served. We live with the constant reminder of the Great Hurricane Janet. Whether from our parents or grandparents who were lucky enough to have survived it, or the media using it as a constant mantra to be prepared. We have seen what these storms can and have done to our brother and sister islands in recent times. Barbados Today: First Hurricane in 65 Years

I will try to rest some more, before the heavy rains and howling winds awaken me again. It is going to be a long morning.

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