Music and Moods


Music is amazing. I love the way it can instantly quell my anxiety and make me feel good. Over the weekend, I faced the hard task of cleaning my room. I had been avoiding this for a long while because I was just too tired and depressed to care, but instead, I drank a reenergizing cuppa and put on some EDM and set to task determined to be finished by the time my favourite playlist was over. Soon I was caught up in the party feeling, swaying and shaking my hips as I worked.

The past few weeks have been overwhelming and amazing and anxiety-riddled. A veritable rollercoaster of emotions, and so much so to the point where I am not only cleaning my room, but I am also cleaning up my social media. Just going through my Instagram alone brought the realization that I follow a lot of people who I have no connection or interest in anymore. I have changed and grown over the years. It’s time the rest of me caught up with the changes.

So bit by bit as my room started to resemble order and functionality, I found my mood lifting and by the end, I felt pounds lighter. Even as I am writing I am listening to some Avicii and still in the dancing mood. I can think more clearly and realize and accept that everything will be okay and I can face anything. And having a good soundtrack helps.

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