Random Rant Kinda

I came here intending to post something deep and thought-provoking, but honestly, I have nothing.

All I am feeling tonight is anxiety and paranoia and stress from having to deal with work, the people I work with, my health issues, financial issues and just life in general.

Like a lot of average people I am tired of the daily grind, of living paycheck to paycheck, and every time I finally get a chance to start saving, to try to improve, to turn things around for the better, something drags me back down into the pit.

Some days it is so hard to even think a positive thought, but I have to keep trying, keep fighting. But even I will admit, there are those days, where I just give in to the sad thoughts. And just wallow, till sleep claims me at night and I can reset and start again fresh the next day.

But tonight, all I want to do is turn my music on full blast, dance in my room and forget the day. Tonight I want to be comfortably numb.

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