Planning Is Key: 67 Day Try Your Best B*tch Challenge Update

I have underestimated the power and importance of having a plan. Or rather using a planner to keep track of my schedule,  bills and just general day to day life. Fail to plan, plan to fail. I must have heard that quote countless times in school, but now reality is setting in and I hate to admit it but my teachers were right.

So here are tips and ways planning has begun to improve my life and actions. Please keep in mind I am still learning. If you have been following me for a while then you know I have been trying for ages to get my life on track.  Not back on track, on track. And I am accepting that sometimes I will fall off the horse. But life is about learning and gaining knowledge from those lessons.

Less anxiety.  When I know what to expect I feel less anxious.  A downside is when things go against the plan I freak out, but at least it’s not as big a blowout. However, it is becoming a bit more manageable, especially if I placed a few fail safes into my plan.

Next, I can lay out my goals. A while back I started the 67 Try Your Best Challenge and I have been doing what is a lazy version of it for me. But having something to aim for every day is nice. Again when it doesn’t pan out I can be disappointed but at least I tried, and that is more than I have been doing in the past few years. A prime example would be the walking challenge.  While I did not make it to the minimum goal of 9000 steps by the end of the 21 days, I did get an idea of just how active I am and the areas where I can slowly begin to improve. Case in point, I learned my average daily steps is 5000, so now I can find little ways to slowly build to 6000, which some studies show help to improve health.

Now, this next part may be a little TMI, but by monitoring my water intake I was able to verify that I do drink less water around my cycle which leads to sluggishness, bloating and dehydration. So now I can find ways to up my water intake around that time of the month. Since I tend to crave sweet drinks I have bought sugar-free drink crystals to add a bit of flavour to my water. Also, I have started switching out my sugar with stevia when having my morning tea or coffee. The flavour has taken some getting used to but it helps to lower my daily sugar intake ao for me that is a small win.

Grocery shopping. A list does make all the difference. By writing out my list and calculating total costs before going into the store I am better equipped to shop and less likely to make impulse purchases. It’s not foolproof but it does help. Also, checking the various store’s social media or newspapers can be a way to find deals and coupons.

I have a long way to go, but I going to get there by the hook or the crook. I can and will do this. I will continue to try my best and give myself grace when I slip up.

Lastly, I once read that instead of trying to make a 180 into a lifestyle that was never me, maybe it would be better to base the lifestyle I want on my personality. And the author was right. Trying to use the plan of someone in a different situation is just bananas and definitely not a one size fits all. This is not to say they do make good points or ideas, there just needs to be a degree of flexibility. Everyone learns differently so I should just play the hand I was dealt. So let’s go, and continue to make everyday, progress.

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