Update Two: The 67 Try Your Best B*tch Challenge

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Things have been going well so far. Granted a few hiccups here and there, but slowing down and keeping things as simple as possible has helped. I am gaining an appreciation for journaling and prayer, but still working on practising meditation.

My water intake has been fairly consistent, but I do have to remind myself to log my food intake. Previously I mentioned that I fell into intermittent fasting by accident, but now that I have returned to work I am getting back into the habit of eating three square meals and snacks, but keeping it all within my daily allotment of 2000 calories. Okay, there was that one morning, when in a rush I boiled 4 hotdogs and ate them with no bun, then upon logging it, I found out it was just over 700 calories alone. Did I feel guilty? Yes. Did I enjoy eating them? Also yes. Would I do it again? Probably, but I’d maybe skip or just have a low-calorie lunch instead. Lesson learned. For some, this will seem like too many calories but as I continue along this journey I am discovering that for me it is less about weight loss and more about creating a sustainable healthier lifestyle.

Therefore in addition to my morning housework, I have also joined a 21 Day Step Challenge with Black Women Losing Weight. And so far I have been able to hit the minimal steps required for each day and some days even surpass it. However, I am feeling some anxiety as the minimum gets closer to 5000 steps. It means I will have to find more ways to get moving, and that might be easier said than done. Where there is a will, there is a way.

If you are interested in how the 67tybb challenge works you can check out Beatrice Caruso on YouTube 67 Try Your Best B*tch

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