Update One: The 67 TYBB Challenge

Update One: The 67 TYBB Challenge

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Let’s start with the changes I have made to personalize the guidelines to match my goals and needs.

So the first change is working out for 5 hours a week. This is not happening, at least not for now. Instead, I have decided to wake up and spend at least one hour doing housework. Why, because I still do not feel motivated to do traditional exercises, however, I do need to get moving in the morning, and creating better habits where my housework is concerned, seemed like a good place to start. And I have to say it’s helping. I feel a bit more accomplished and organized each day.

The next is choosing how to measure my progress. For that, I have chosen to wear my waist beads and weigh myself once a week. I have also taken a picture at the beginning, will take another at the halfway point and the last at the end. Realistically I do not expect to see dramatic results, but I am interested to see if making small changes rather than my usual all or nothing approach, will make a difference.

Hydrate… I have downloaded a water intake app and will attempt to hit my recommended goal of 2600ml every day or at least as close as possible.

Reading… I want to scream “EASY”, but I have been slacking off so I will try my best.

Mental health activity will be a combination of journaling and prayer and meditation.

I will have to find something new to try, which is easier said than done. I am very much a creature of habit.

Lastly, my diet is very much up in the air at the moment. So far I have only been eating when I am hungry and I have reduced my snacking. For the last week, I have noticed that I seem to be unintentionally intermittent fasting. I have not been eating after 8:00 pm and since I have been doing housework first thing in the morning, breakfast has moved from 7:00 am to around 9:00 am or later.

I will continue to track my progress and hopefully remember to keep you posted. Every day, progress.

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