Rough Day

To put it plainly I’m having a really rough day. A few crying jags and I’m starting to get the overwhelming urge to want to shop. Emotionally shop.

I’ve been trying to ignore it mostly, however this evening I went a little bit ham in the supermarket. Luckily I stuck to mostly necessities so I should be okay there, but now I’m looking at wigs and it’s like why would I want to buy a wig? I probably wouldn’t even wear it because I’ll feel self-conscious. Silly right?

I hope I feel better in the morning before I have to go to my run my errands because I really don’t want this weekend to be a repeat of the last few weeks where I just spent my money recklessly.

2 responses to “Rough Day”

    • Thanks and rooting for you too. Makeup is a weakness of mine too, and I keep seeing sales every where argh. I’m going to have to shop with blinders on today.


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