Bath and Body Works Review: Sunrise Yoga

With notes of Mandarin Oil, Spearmint Oil and Juniper Berry Oil, this body cream, claims to provide 24-hour moisture while being rich, yet non-greasy. “Breathe deeply for best results.”

Simply put, it works. The scent is very relaxing, and perfect for those sluggish mornings when I do NOT want to get up and go.

Aromatherapy is one of the recommended methods for anxiety management, and this lotion helps, but sometimes it does hinder. I live in the tropics. Now a general rule of thumb for me and scents is, less is more. Meaning the higher my body temperature, the stronger the scent. So while I can get away with just the lotion alone on cool rainy days, I usually mix it with Vaseline lotion. It makes the scent more subtle and I feel less self-conscious.

All in all, I am enjoying this random purchase. I have always been afraid to purchase fancy lotions because people notice scents, and I prefer to fly under the radar and not have to answer any questions about why I am wearing that, who am I trying to impress, oohhh new man? I just want to get over the fear of spoiling myself and doing something for myself. Progress, not perfection.

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