La Soufrière Erupts

1979. The last eruption was A Good Friday in 1979. Yes, Easter weekend. My heart is in pain for the people of St Vincent, faced not only with a pandemic but now a volcanic eruption. To be abruptly evacuated, uprooted and not know if or when you can safely return to your home.

The threat had been looming since December 2020, but the reality is here, now, and it is taking everything in me not to cry. The Barbados Advocate posted a photo from the archives. I can’t help but wonder are the children all grown up and thinking “not again”?

I live in Barbados, a short 99 miles to the east of St Vincent, and we along with other neighbouring islands are feeling the effects of the ash clouds. A severe ash warning has been issued here, which means limit your time outdoors and mask up. The unnerving calm and quiet remind me of the literal calm before a storm during hurricane season.

I wasn’t alive in 1979, but I do remember the eruption in Soufrière Hills Montserrat in 1995.

Song Volcano, written and sung by RPB has been playing on the radio and the minds of many Caribbean people for the past 48 hours.

Visibility at Sea
April 10th 2021

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