Update On My Emotional Spending Spree

So I have reviewed the travesty that was my emotional spending earlier this week. I bought a whole lot of nothing. And food. Stepped on the scale for proof, and I am three pounds heavier. Emotional spending and emotional eating, talk about killing two birds with one stone. Again, what in the blue blazes have I done?

However, the review and rebuild have begun. Feeling a little less guilty today. Started doing some research on ways to further simplify my journey and maybe start with smaller steps. Once it becomes safe to have face to face meetings with my therapist, I am hoping we can begin to address and plan better coping mechanisms for me, but until then research and trial and error.

I do have two bright spots in this whole mess. I did not crack open my Piggy Bank, nor did I purchase any new lippies. So Yay me? Just have to take this one day at a time. My Financial Journey is going to be just that, a journey.

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