Reading Challenge Revisited

So about two years ago, I had posted about doing a Personal Book Challenge which I never completed. So I have decided to try again. Why? I have been feeling very distracted and disconnected from the things that bring me joy, thanks to depression. I have been feeling lost, maybe it’s Covid fatigue, maybe it’s Maybelline. Either way, if I don’t step up and take the small steps to get past this melancholy, I will remain stuck here and I do not want to fall back into what can be a very dark and lonely place for me.

Therefore I have decided to start with Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein. I have had this book for quite a few months and it time to knock it off my list. I forgot how much I missed his writing style. Following different storylines but they all lead to a beautiful simultaneous climax. Admittedly I am starting with book four in the series because it was on sale and I couldn’t resist.

Some consider his work a little too scary, but I enjoy the grim nature of his work. It had a certain sense of humanity that can be found hidden beneath the layers. The same can be said of Stephen King’s novels.

Side note, one day I will go through what’s left of my paperback collection and count just how many Stephen King novels I own, I think the last count was around fifteen.

Anyway cheers to a new beginning and starting over. In my original challenge, I had planned to read 15 books over three months, but instead, I will stretch it out until the end of the year.

If you have any recommendations, please share them below and feel free to share your reading plans for this year.

Until next time, happy reading.


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