I Screwed Up. Big Time!

I Screwed Up. Big Time!

Let me start this by saying I want to blame my depression so badly, but I can’t this time. After almost two months of trying to develop a better relationship with my finances, I ruined everything in less than a week. Why? I had a huge fight with my significant other. Huge! And rather than utilize healthy methods to cope with my anger and pain. I shopped. And shopped. And shopped. Ate a crap tonne of snacks, and then shopped some more. I didn’t even care. That is until my card declined this evening.

Yup. The Queen of Self Sabotage is back baby! So where do I go from here? I honestly don’t know.

I was making so much progress and I let one problem undo all of my hard work. Guess I will just sleep it off tonight and start fresh tomorrow.

The thing is I knew I was going to slip a few times and that’s why I allowed myself some grace and flexibility, but I jumped headfirst into the rabbit hole, eyes wide open and screaming, “take me, I’m yours!”

Tonight I will pity party hard. Tomorrow, I will start all over again.

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