Thinking About Doing Seven Day Workout Challenges

Thinking About Doing Seven Day Workout Challenges

I have not worked out in almost two weeks. And my diet has been trash. Well trashier than normal. I don’t follow any particular nutritional plan, I have mainly have been counting calories, eating smaller portions, and finding healthier alternatives for my sweet tooth and salty tongue.

Initially, the plan while the kids were home, was to get up extra early and workout, but PMS. Yup the red queen decided to throw my whole self for a loop, my depression and anxiety joined her and made it a party.

So, I developed a Plan B. Try to meet my caloric intake goal, and reach at least 6000 steps a day. And this worked for a few days, but I felt myself being dragged further under by stress, and mental issues, so I just took a break and gave in to all the bad things my body and mind wanted. Not the best idea, but I’m only human after all.

It did however give me a chance to identify certain triggers and behavioural patterns and now that I am feeling better, I feel a little more equipped to better handle these changes in the future.

One, establishing a routine does help. Having a plan, and an idea of what I want to do each day helps. I have said this before but being an organized, disorganized mess is no longer working for me.

Two, morning meditation and prayer. I have noticed that when I start my mornings with these I feel calmer and more positive and a little more focused throughout the day.

Three, taking my multivitamins and omega supplements. While I do believe it’s better to eat my nutrition, I know somedays it won’t always be possible, so having a little extra boost helps, and studies have shown and certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies might trigger or cause depression. I am not a medical practitioner so I recommend talking to one first. My doctor prescribes a multivitamin for me due to certain medical conditions and I decided to add the omegas to see if they make a difference. It’s too early to tell, but based on my diet it can’t hurt.

Lastly, I have been researching workout challenges. Since I have problems committing to anything long term, I have decided to try a seven-day challenge. The idea is to find workouts I enjoy and to get my butt moving again. I am starting to feel how not being active affects my body, and it does make a difference. Mentally and physically. So what challenges do I start with first? That I haven’t quite figured out yet. So if anyone has suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment. But first, a nap.

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  1. Hi! It is so good to hear that you are taking initiative. That is always the first and the most difficult step. If you find it difficult to stick to a program for long, try getting an accountability partner. Just call up a friend and say “Hey, let’s go running at 5am tomorrow.” Now there’s no way you’ll back out because the plan would keep you accountable. Just a thought. Keep improving just one step at a time. You got this. 🙂


    • Hi. I have considered this but getting our times to sync is difficult. However I’m sure if I ask my best friend to do daily check ins he would agree to it. He so does love any opportunity to nag me lol

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