Finding Culpepper Island and Myself

This was originally posted on Feb 17 2020. Woke up in the mood to review older posts and work on my editing skills. Enjoy.

Today I woke up with a sense of adventure. I have been feeling lost and frustrated by the fact that I have not been doing anything to enjoy life and just relax. So I decided to go see Culpepper Island. I have lived here all my life but only ever seen pictures.

So I showered, ate breakfast and set off on the long drive, by island standards. Only to be met with a lonely isolated path and a decision. Do I take the path alone and risk injury, or do I turn back and return another day with a friend and better walking gear?

I chose to return another day and just be proud of the fact that I made it this far alone. Once upon a time, I would have continued along the path, but I told no one of my plans, lest I be talked out of it, and honestly, I just wanted a chance to reclaim some of my spirit and joy in doing things alone.

So after a few minutes, I turned around and made my way to Three Houses Park. Couples are milling about on the various benches so I feel safer.

Natural spring, one of the few left on the island.

I can still enjoy my company but at least I don’t have to worry as much about being injured or lost and no one knowing.

I will try to visit Culpepper again, maybe in a couple of months when I’m on vacation. *Little did I know know that one month later we would be on lockdown due to a pandemic*

Today however I am proud of the small step I have taken to finding myself and my happiness once again.

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