Working On My Time Management Skills

I am an organized disorganized mess, and changing that is hard but necessary. As I am continuing along my journey to better understand and manage my anxiety, I have discovered that not having a routine or schedule adds to my feeling overwhelmed. So I have been actively working towards betterment. Here are some tricks I have learned so far that are helping.

Checking my emails. I tend to ignore my personal and blog related emails for as long as possible. This results in a huge backlog and sometimes almost missing important ones. So I have determined the three best times to have a quick browse.

The first is in the morning over breakfast. I will scan recently received emails for anything important and delete any overnight junk mail. The second time is while standing in lines. Part of my work duties means standing in long lines handling paperwork that require face to face transactions, so I use that time to start reading and organising my inbox.

The third time is in the evening after dinner. I allotted myself one hour to respond to anything important and clear any other backlog.

Another trick that is a no-brainer is writing a to-do list every morning. When I know what I have to do I can plan the best course of action as well as a fail-safe because no plan is ever perfect.

Lastly, I take breaks. Wearing a mask for 8 hours is not easy, So I take 15-minute breaks every one to two hours and just breathe and relax and switch my brain off. It helps to keep me motivated throughout the day. And sometimes, I just need to hide from management *chuckles*.

Admittedly, these don’t always work and I still feel moments of anxiety and pressure and stress, but I have noticed a bit of improvement in my day to day life. Progress, not Perfection right?

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