Shop My Stash 2021 March Update

It’s the end of the third month of the year and already it feels like this year is just rushing by faster than last year. Meanwhile, I have been making some progress in my plan to use up some of my lip products.

Shop My Stash 2021

Shop My Stash Update February

I finished another one and have added three more into circulation. So let’s meet the new players.

Starting from the left is NK Matte Silky Stick in the colour Cherry Wood. It’s a vibrant red-brown that lasts under my mask with minimal transfer and is comfortable to wear.

Next is a small jar of DIY tinted lip balm. So what had happened was, I had two brown matte lipsticks that I hated. Lovely colours, but the formula felt chalky on my lips, so instead of throwing them out I repurposed them by emptying both in the container and added a healthy gloop of good old Vaseline. Presto chango a nice comfortable lip balm.

The last lip gloss, I bought from what the locals affectionately call the $3 store. I cannot remember the name of it, but after wearing it these few weeks, I’m a little sad I didn’t buy any more. It’s comfortable, lasts a good few hours, even under my mask, moisturizing and makes a great topper when paired with the other members of the team.

Lastly, who has gone into the trash? Palladio Lip Stain. On its own, it lasted a few hours with little to no transfer, but I found my self also using it as a lip liner. I have debated whether or not I will purchase again in the future, and I am still undecided, but all in all, I enjoyed it and I’m happy to see it go.

The temptation to buy new lip glosses is strong, but I will try my best not to just yet. Fingers crossed 🤞.

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