So Which Is It?

Low energy from a long work day?

Low energy from depression?

Low energy due to PMS?

All of the above?

I had a plan for this evening. Come home from work, shower, eat, and do some self admin work. The only flaw in my detailed plan, I do not have the wherewithal all to leave my bed.

So how do I get past this? My first and favourite solution, nap. I have no pressing deadlines so a nap would not harm me.

However, as the saying goes, don’t put off till tomorrow what can be done today. So if I get up and push through, I can rest freely knowing it’s no longer on my to-do list. This is usually a good plan B to have.

Lastly, I should probably learn to plan out my days and schedules a lot better. While I have a mini planner for important appointments and reminders, I will have to seriously consider buying a larger one and scheduling my days more effectively.

The inconsistent lifestyle is no longer working for me and it’s time to pull up my big girl panties.

Having a routine that works, but allows room for some flexibility, will be another step towards better management of my anxiety, my depression, my life.

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