Am I That Self Centered? Or Just That Frustrated?

Am I That Self Centered? Or Just That Frustrated?

Normally I try to be understanding and empathetic towards others, but I find myself incredibly annoyed tonight. I wanted to talk about my issues and seek advice from my friend, and before I could even start to explain how I was feeling, he started lecturing about how everyone is having problems, and it’s not just me. Like Sir, I’m not here for everyone else! I am not everyone else! Yes, we all have problems right now, but I am just trying to get help and advice with mine.

I want to feel guilty for feeling this way, but I just don’t right now. If I can’t help myself, how can I even begin to help others? I wanted an ear and advice, not a lecture. Then people wonder why I don’t open up about anything.

How can I feel so alone and want to talk to friends, then when I do talk to them, it is like why do I even bother?

2 responses to “Am I That Self Centered? Or Just That Frustrated?”

  1. Ugh that sucks… i don’t think self centered. I think you were talking to a friend about your struggles i highly doubt you acted like no one else has them. It’s like i know there are people who are worse off than me but I’m human too ya know

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  2. I relate to this. I think it’s a question of right person, right time. Sometimes, people are too overwhelmed personally to hear the difficulties of others, so it might be better to wait for another time, or someone who is in a better state of mind.

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