Learning to Cope With My Anxious Energy

The days when I am fueled by anxious energy are both the worst and most productive days.

I get so much accomplished in so little time and yet I can feel a weight on my chest, the panic attack riding beneath my skin waiting to burst free. However, because I am usually in a public setting I have to find ways to conceal or control it. I try to harness it to get through the day so no one notices that I want to do nothing more than hide and wait until the anxiety passes.

One of the methods that I have found helpful is the use of sensory techniques. The first, if the setting allows is music. I put on my headphones, turn up the tunes and it helps me to complete my tasks by giving my brain something else to focus on other than my racing thoughts.

The second is a recent find. Sensory bottles. I remember as a child my uncle had a paperweight containing oil and water. After searching on Amazon and finally finding one (wave motion paperweight) that I liked, I decided on a hunch to search YouTube for DIY videos. This paid off. I assembled the materials and made a few, one of which I keep on my desk. Being able to watch the calming movements of the small items floating in the water helps.

The third is finding ways to move around without making it seem like I am anxiously pacing. A great way for me to do this when I have to print a document, I select the printer furthest from my desk that way I have a greater distance to go and the repetitive action calms me. I will also drink plenty of water. Not only because it’s good for me, but it gives me an hourly bathroom break and a chance to move around some more. I will also use my lunch break to run errands or drive to a quiet spot so I can breathe or just pace in private.

These methods all work, but it also means, that by the end of the day I am physically and mentally drained. If I still feel the need to empty my brain I journal or work on posts for my blog. Some are published and some just remain drafts. So by the time bedtime rolls around drifting off to dreamland is seamless, tomorrow is a new day and a chance to start over.

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