Book Review: If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon

In my last review, I mentioned that the Podcast Heist reminded me of Sidney Sheldon novels. This of course inspired me to pull out one of the three copies of my favourite novel by him, If Tomorrow Comes.

Yes, I said three copies. The first one I purchased when I was around 13 or 14 from a second-hand book store, the second was a brand new copy after the first became older and more tattered, and the third, well it had a different cover and again, it’s one of my favourite books so why not.

The story follows the proverbial good girl gone bad, Tracy Whitney. Tracy is intelligent, beautiful, has a great job and about to marry into one of the wealthiest families in the country. That is until the Mafia destroys her life. After being wrongfully imprisoned, Tracy gets a full pardon from the governor. Now a regular person would try to go back to normal but instead, she seeks revenge on those who imprisoned her.

After some humorous and skilful hijinks, she not only does this, she then goes on to become one of the most skilled con artists and cat burglars in the world. Hunted by Interpol and an obsessed investigative insurance agent with secrets of his own.

Along the way, she finds an unlikely love and proves that with time, Tomorrow Will Come. The key is to not get caught before it does.

Through Tracy, Sidney helped me to understand that any puzzle can be solved with a bit of research and analytical thinking and some gung ho. I was even inspired to join the chess club at school, where I won two trophies, even though I was a beginner when I joined. Most importantly, I learned that tomorrow does come and to never give up. Every puzzle can be solved.

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